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Bronwyn is an extremely talented editor and a total delight to work with. A very strong editorial head, she cuts beautifully and quickly. She has particularly great music taste! I can't recommend her enough.

Tom Barton Humphreys

Producer, Africa from Above,  ZDF

I had the great fortune of working with Bronwyn on a couple of short films that had a tricky deadline, and with COVID it was made all the more challenging. Bronwyn made the whole experience a joy, as she was able to quickly grasp the editorial, the narrative and the style and send me versions of the film as I had imagined. And then she went on to add her own spices to the projects which transported them to a "next level". Though we've never met in person, I feel like I know her and trust her, and can fully recommend her to any project in search of "safe hands".

Nicolas Brown, Director

2 Baftas, 4 Emmys, 50+ Major Festival awards

I’ve hired Bronwyn as a freelancer on a few projects through my company Five Films. I can describe her work as bold and creative. Her straightforward storytelling is always clearly thought through and well executed, flexibly navigating the emotional journeys of the lives of the people we feature. Bronwyn is exceptionally efficient and has delivered ahead of schedule many times. With a  sharp attention to detail, this combination of creativity and productivity makes her my first choice for many projects.

I love working with Bron, she always delivers better than my imagination! She creates clear structures and edits with an emotional nuance that make her stories ebb and flow in the most delightfully palatable form.

Verity White

Natural History Producer and Director of Five Films

Bronwyn has worked on a number of productions for the company, from full length
documentaries through to high end short-form VTs for National Geographic. She is a
fast, efficient, talented editor and we can rely on her to work independently. Whilst
working with Off the Fence, Bronwyn always has a very positive attitude and she
works well with our producers.

Karen Meehan

Off the Fence, Post Production Manager

Bronwyn Harvey edited the Black Lagoon episode of the series Speed Kills, which I directed and produced for EarthTouch, Smithsonian Channel, US & National Geographic Channel. It's a tough series combining extraordinary bluechip wildlife scenes wrapped in dramatic narratives while highlighting the science of the speed behind the various creatures predations. It incorporates original footage shot for the series, including slow motion footage originated on Phantom, and also 3D CGI. Stylistically it is unlike any other show on factual television and Bronwyn rose to the challenge and edited an incredible episode, exceeding my expectations of how the footage can be used to create the mood, drama, as well as readily accessible science content for the audience of this hit series. She's an absolute pleasure to work with, has a great flair for storytelling and rhythm and I'd recommend her to anyone, not just in the wildlife content game, but in any genre.


Worked on SPEED KILLS(Earth Touch) and KILLER IQ - PREDATOR GAMES (Kingdom Films : Long Form documentaries

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